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Meet Hesion Sciences 

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At Hesion Sciences™, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability. Our company specializes in designing, developing, and providing eco-friendly technology and products that reduce the construction industry's environmental impact. We are passionate about utilizing our expertise to impact the business and the environment positively. Our primary objective is to engineer sustainable solutions that foster profitability and growth. Our team of dedicated employees shares a common goal of operational excellence and is committed to finding innovative solutions and contributing to their full potential. As the creators and manufacturers of Stinger®, the world's only ready-mix washout and release agent applicator that does not require modifications to the drum or truck, we are proud to offer a unique solution to the industry. We have also partnered with NoHesion™ to utilize Serum®, a non-stick liquid specifically designed for use with the Stinger®, and is currently undergoing certification with an accredited ASTM and ASME-certified laboratory.

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