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Discover the All-New Stinger

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Revolutionizing the Ready-Mix Industry

Stinger® has undergone extensive testing in North America and ready to revolutionize the ready-mix concrete industry. Unlike other systems, Stinger® is the world's first release agent applicator and washout system that does not require any changes to the standard read-mix truck chute or funnel. Its patented design ensures rapid cleaning of all areas within the drum and in conjunction with Guide®, its intelligent docking system allows a quick and safe alignment, while our cloud enabled data colleciton system ensures industry compliance and verification.


  • Cloud-based data and metrics validation, verification, and data collection are made easy.

  • Simplified One-Button Washout

  • Precision-Controlled Flow Processes via Computer Interface

  • No Need for Truck Modifications

  • Guide® easy docking system

  • Complete washout in minutes

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Operational Benefits

Immediate 15%+ Operational Cost Savings

Documented proof of immediate operational cost reductions with additional savings in indirect costs.

Push-Button Controls:

Enjoy effortless control with intuitive push-button operations.

No Drum Replacement or Downtime:

Say goodbye to costly drum replacements and downtime due to maintenance, thanks to the Stinger.

Real-Time Operations Data Tracking:

Gain valuable insights with the Stinger's real-time data tracking, empowering data-driven decisions.

Small and

Optimize space with efficient 22' x 8' design suitable for various settings

Greatly Reduce Idling Fuel Costs:

Easy docking, one touch process, no modifications, and minutes to wash means significant fuel savings.

Over 50%

Save time with washouts completed in half the usual time, maximizing efficiency.

Reduced Chipping with Daily Release Agent:

Virtually reduce the need for chipping and damage to your drums.

Accurate Drum Capacity with Clean Drums:

Precise drum capacity measurement and sustained efficiency with consistently clean drums.

Introduction to Stinger®

Witness the Stinger® complete a washout process in minutes!

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Stinger Videos

Stinger Videos
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Stinger water pressure test (1)

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