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Engineering Class

Engineering Sustainable  Solutions 

Hēsion Sciences®

Fueled by a challenge from the cement industry in 2019, Hēsion Sciences® was asked to create a product and applicator that could revolutionize the concrete industry.  The result of this challenge is SERUM® and a revolutionary applicator and cleaner, STINGER®.

Conquering Concrete Buildup: Eliminating Waste and Inefficiency

Excessive concrete buildup in mixing drums poses a substantial challenge, leading to unwarranted downtime, increased cleaning and chipping expenses, underutilization, and premature drum replacements.

The Traditional Approach: Frequent Cleaning and Costly Replacements

Historically, mixing drums underwent cleaning routines ranging monthly to quarterly, demanding a manual process to remove 

stubborn buildup (commonly referred to as 'chipping'). Mixing drums faced replacement approximately every five years, succumbing to wear and tear and the damage inflicted by frequent chipping.

The Solutions

Serum® bNoHēsion Sciences®

Reduce cleaning time by a minimum of 80%, cut water consumption in over 75%, and eliminate buildup.

SERUM® is a spray-on non-stick coating that creates an eco-friendly shield that bonds with working surfaces for remarkable environmental benefits.

STINGER® by Hēsion Technologies® 

Is an automated ready-mix washout and applicator that reduces resources, waste, and costs while being highly efficient and easy to use.

See instant cost savings upon deployment.

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